What am I doing today?


Yesterday as I was taking photos of my LSHD DT project, I heard a big crash behind me.... eeeek!!! My wire shelf just fell apart and there went all of my paper pads and Cricut cartridges! Lots of people who saw the photo on my facebook page thought that I just pulled it all out from scrapping, now come on, I'm not THAT messy hehe

Happy Tuesday everyone!


JustaFewDesigns said...

Girly clean that mess! lol that is how my area looks after i design!!! take care

Emily said...

It's clean now! This wasn't a design mishap... it was a pure DISASTER! lol I can't wait to remodel with cabinets that won't fall over!!!

Scrapbookingbyleann said...

Thing is, mine LOOKS like something crashed - but it didn't! LOL! :)

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