Look What I Did! :-)

Im so proud of myself! I got a custom order last week, but the customer wanted me to use Basic Grey's Archaic line. Its the same line that I used on my "Imagination" album that you can find for sale now on my eBay (just search createserendipity07 or by my design team LLDT)! So I turned a boy line of papers into a girl album and it turned out beautiful! I was a bit scared at first, but I love the end results and wanted to share!
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Beach Album for Someone special :-)

I just wanted to share an album that I made for Brandon for his birthday. This album is what inspired me to get back into scrapbooking after I took a long break for about a year. I filled the album full of tags and photos from our first vacation together to Atlantic City. I really liked how the album turned out and he said it was the best birthday present ever, it's something special to both of us :-)


Look What I Got! :-)

Hey all! I just wanted to share with you what I got this week! Im pretty excited! Brandon and I plan on going to North Carolina next month and getting married on the beach. It seems like ive been waiting my whole entire life to find the love that I have now, but he has been there for me all along and Im sure that we were meant to find each other now at this point in our lives :-)
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New Stuff is in store!

Hello everyone! I didn't dissappear off the face of the planet, but I have overcome a lot in the past year. Please bear with me as I get everything back on track! I promise to start blogging again! I have new items listed on ebay now and a new design to my blog! Hopefully I will have more up soon! :-)