Yay! I've FINALLY got something "Creative" to blog about!!!

This past weekend I got a little bit of motivation back. I had started on an Easter album several weeks ago, but I didn't want to finish it because I'm just turned off by pastel colors. I can't do a lot with them and I simply don't like to create with them. I don't know why, maybe I'm just weird! Adam encouraged me to go upstairs and try to work on something this weekend. He said it would give me a little extra spending money, so I decided to give it a try. Note, I haven't completed an album since before Christmas!!!

Well, I'm quite proud of my accomplishments! Yes, with an S! I finished not only 1 album, but 2!!! I'm very happy wit hthe results, so I thought I would share! These albums are both now up on ebay, so check them out!

You & Me Paper Bag Album (click here to see it on ebay)

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Album (click here to see it on ebay)

Tell the whole world, my creative mojo is BACK!!!