Motherly Love

With Mother's Day coming up, I got in the spirit to make a "Mom" album. The hardest part of this album was coming up with a clever title. Last year my Mother's Day album was titled "My Mother, My Best Friend," I don't like to use the same title twice, so I tried to come up with something different. Luckily my cousin Amy helped me with that! We were scrapping this past weekend and she said "How about Motherly Love?" It worked! I think this album turned out to be a very beautiful album. I used Basic Grey's "Porcelain" line of paper and packed it full of lace, pearls, flowers, and beautiful "Mom" inspired quotes.

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Don't Forget! Mother's Day is May 10!


My Daughter the Supermodel

Well, I hate to say it, but that time has finally come... I have become one of those "Gymboree Crazed Mommy's!" I didn't think I would ever fall into the Gymboree fad for my daughter because their stuff is usually so expensive! A few weeks ago I got on their website and they had stuff marked down 60%, which brings it to about the same prices as Carters and other stores that I normally shop at so I thought I would give it a try because I know Gymboree has a wonderful quality to their clothes. I also had a 20% off coupon that I could use as well. I ended up buying a few things from the Happy Rainbow & Wild One lines. Well, let's just say that I got addicted! Everything is SOOO cute!!! The cool thing is that all of their lines have accessories and everything that match! That way if I buy lots from one line I can mix and match everything! I ended up getting a lot from the Happy Rainbow line and she's pretty much set for her Spring & Summer clothes for this year. I thought I would go ahead and buy some 2t in the Wild One line and keep it for the fall. It's hard to buy ahead because I don't know what size she will be in, but I guess it's worth a shot! If it doesn't fit her at that time, there's always eBay! With this shopping trip I ended up earning $75 in GymBucks which are like coupons that you can use during a certain "redemption" period. To use them I had to buy $150 worth of merchandise and I ended up getting it for $75, so basically 50% off. When I redeemed my GymBucks {last week} I got her a lot of 3t sized clothes for next Spring & Summer from the Social Butterfly line. It's all just too cute... and addicting! I feel like Reagan is my own little Barbie Doll! :-)

Here she is in outfit #1 from Happy Rainbow

She finally let me play with her hair, since it's long enough now we keep it in pig tails when we go out.

Outfit #2 from Happy Rianbow

It was a tough job... but she let me paint her little toenails!

Outfit #3 from Happy Rainbow

The rest of her wardrobe & accessories from Happy Rainbow

Her Fall wardrobe & accessories in Wild One

If you have children and you haven't shopped at Gymboree because of the higher prices, I suggest that you check out their sales! They get new lines every month so they have to make room for them by marking down the old lines! You can also find coupons in magazines like Parents, Parenting, Plum, etc. To learn more about how to get deals & steals at Gymboree, check out GymboHaven or GymboFriends. Sometiems the deals make the clothes even cheaper than Walmart! Beware, Gymboree is ADDICTING!!!


I Love "Going Green!"

After altering the Prima Flower jars the other night, I decided to try my hand at another recycling project! I had some soup cans sitting on my counter and I wanted to see what I could do with them.

First, I cleaned the cans and then painted them with my Making Memories Acrylic paints that I had laying out. I ended up putting 2 coats of paint on them, and then spraying them with glitter and sealing it with Mod Podge {a MUCH better solution than clear fingernail polish!}

Once the cans were completely dried, I cut out little flowers & leaves with my Cricut and adhered them to bamboo skewers {I used a hot glue gun to do this}

Then I cut down a piece of styrofoam and glued it into the bottoms of the cans.

I cut the ends of the skewers to the size that I wanted and put them in place in the styrofoam. Next I added some crinkled paper to give it that grassy feel {you can get this in the gift wrap section at Target or Walmart for about $1}

To finish them off, I added some glitter to the "grass" and tied little bows around the cans.

These make a very fun and cute project. I have done several in the past using little metal pails {you can find samples of those at http://www.papercreationsbyemily.com} The good thing about these little flowers is that they will live forever! They make great centerpieces and very pretty decorations! Try one for yourself, they are so simple to make!

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Happy Earth Day!

It seems like EVERYONE is "Going Green" nowdays! Especially this week since today is Earth Day! The ebay design team that I'm on (MLDT) has also decided to Go Green this week! Here is my contribution to the challenge:

I had some old prima flower jars that I was saving back for a rainy day, so I decided to "recycle" them for the challenge! You can also see a line of Making Memories paints, I haven't used them in years, so I also dug them out for this little project.

I actually had a lot of fun with this and I think the lids turned out very pretty after I sprayed them with glitter and added a clear coat {as you can see, I used nail polish... the fumes kind of got to me!!!}

I used some scrap paper that I had laying around from the Basic Grey "Urban Prarie" line {I've been using it for my Cruise album as well}

The jars say "Live, Love, Laugh, Believe, Dream, Create"

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Friday Night Crop!

Last night I went to Archiver's with Margaret from MLDT and we cropped our little hearts out! Archiver's has a "Scrap Mania" every Friday and Saturday night from 5-11pm, and for $15 you get a spot to crop, a free little goodie bag, and yummy dinner with a desert {Last night it was Tuscani Pasta from Pizza Hut and brownies! mmmm!}... anyways, it's lots of fun! If you have an Archiver's store near, I suggest you give it a try! We had another lady at our table who was simply amazed at what we did and our ebay sales. She was really nice. I enjoy going and meeting new people as well and seeing their work.

I guess I'm really just a slow scrapper... I finished an album that I had been working on for ebay. Here is that album, I think it turned out nice!

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Last night Margaret and I decided that we would work on some of our own stuff and actually crop photos and get them on pages. I haven't done this in probably 2 years, I've been more focused on albums and eBay work and haven't found time to scrap my own photos. So last night I decided to start on my cruise album... I finished 1 page, but it's a very beautiful 1 page! I feel that it looks more like a 2nd side of a 2 page spread... so I guess I need to work on that 1st page sometime soon!

This is my album that I bought last summer for 50% off. I thought it would be a nice vacation album! I did manage to get one of my photos in the front picture slot!

Here is my lonely little page. I must say though, it is a great start to my cruise album! I used Basic Grey's "Urban Prarie" paper line and I plan to use it throughout the whole album. The page isn't 100% finished, I think I need to add the journaling {see where I left a spot for that?}, and it also needs a few more embellishments.

I also bought a new border punch yesterday and I LOVE it!!! It's by EK Success and it's a little Beach punch! Too cute! I used it on my page above.


Anyone Up For a Little Remodeling?

As most of you know, this past week has been pretty hectic for me. Though I've got a lot done in my scraproom, it was because I haven't really been able to be in the downstairs part of my house much! We decided to do a little {much needed} remodeling in our bathroom. I've been back and forth to Lowe's more this week than I've been to that store this whole year!!! Here are some before and after pics {thus far}...

This is my border that I tried to match the scheme of my bathroom to. It was hard picking out a floor to go good with this!

Here is the nasty bathroom BEFORE remodeling.

Yes, we had a slight mold problem.

The toilet was also broken and leaky.

Here it is so far after the remodeling!

New tub, new shower, new toilet, new floor, etc!

I LOVE it!!!

There are still a few things that are being worked on. We have trim to go on the mid section of the wall {below the border}, but it isn't up yet in these pics. Also the man doing the work for us is putting in a vent fan/ light today, so hopefully it will be finished soon! I still need to do some painting and retouch some that I already painted, but that's another day. It's a big change and I actually enjoy my bathroom now!


Hannah Montana Madness!

The other day, I was at my grandparents house flipping through channels on tv {my bathroom is getting remodeled right now, so I was staying there and had absolutely nothing to do}... it seems like every channel that I would turn on, Miley Cyrus was on there promoting the new Hannah Montana movie! I don't know about you, but I particularly like Hannah Montana. Two years ago when my husband and I got married in Gatlinburg, TN, we stayed in a Chalet... it had about 3 channels... so I got addicted to Hannah Montana lol! Our daughter isn't old enough to really watch shows like that and understand them, so I sometimes like to watch. It's a pretty good show. I think the movie looks good as well. Anyways, kind of got off track there... so Miley was on EVERYTHING on Friday when the movie came out. That sparked an idea for me! I decided to make a Hannah Montana album! This girl is making mass money, so I figured I might as well try and make a little money off of her as well :-).

Here is my finished product. I think it turned out pretty good! I used the Die Cuts With A View "Rock Star" paper and some Hannah Montana stickers by Sandylion. Too bad my daughter isn't into Hannah Montana yet or I'd keep it for myself!

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Works in Progress

Here are a few albums that I have been working on {and finished} this past week. I just thought I would show a little of the progression on them. I will try to take better {and more} pics the next time I do a progress report! :-) Note: these really don't show much progress, the second one especially, it just shows the papers and elements I picked out for the album! lol I promise to take more pics next time!

Home Is Where The Heart Is {Chipboard Shape Album}:

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Eggs to Dye For {Paper Bag Album}:

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See... my creative mojo is coming back! I've made more albums in the past couple of weeks than I have all year!!!