Lot's of new stuff for my fellow friends!!!

Wow! I've sure been busy lately! First, if you haven't noticed, I have a new look for my blog! I wanted to include pics from my recent wedding as well for the header, so it turned out nice! We got married in Sunset Beach, NC and I can't help but want to be back there, so looking at photos always helps me to imagine being there and not in Ohio!!! Anyway, I hope you all like my blog! I also made a facebook page for Create Serendipity, make sure you go to my page and become a friend! You can find my facebook link on the right or CLICK HERE! I will be announcing deals and sales there as well as having cool giveaways from time to time for my facebook frieds only, so make sure you check it out and click "like" on the top of my page! :-)

Secondly, I've been making albums as fast as my little fingers can go! I have had a lot of custom orders lately, but I've also managed to get a few listed on eBay. CLICK HERE to see my current eBay listings!

Here are a few albums that I have for sale right now!

Like I said, I've also been busy working on custom orders, here are a few of those that I've finished this week:

Lastly, my cousin is getting married next weekend in Cabo and she had her bridal shower this past weekend, so of coarse I made her an album!

And here we are at her bridal shower dinner (I'm on the left, obviously :-)

And that pretty much sums it up for now! Keep checking back for more fun stuff that I will be adding to the blog! Make sure you become a fan of Create Serendipity on facebook and also keep checking my eBay listings as well! I have lots of beautiful albums that I plan to be listing in the near future! Also, don't forget to check out our new design team, Just A Few Design Team by searching JAFDT on eBay! These ladies are very talented and I'm proud to be a part of such a wonderful team!

Remember, it's never to early to contact me about Christmas gift ideas! Email me at createserendipity@gmail.com for perfect Christmas gifts for your friends and family!


Jennifer said...

I love your work! I make paper bag albums too and we have similar styles...lots of STUFF :) I'm also a SAHM, and have two kiddos. How do you find time to scrap? After having #2 in March it's like I get maybe an hour to scrap per week...I love my babies but I also love my paper lol. Would love to know how you balance it all.

Emily said...

Thanks for the compliments Jennifer! It's HARD to juggle my time! I'm a SAHM to my 2 year old daughter, she will be 3 in a month, so it's not too hard to work with her around! I set her up a little table in my scraproom and let her color while I work. :-) I usually stay up late at night to try to get a few things done, it's very hard though! I couldn't imagine doing it with 2 kids!!! I have a stepson, he's almost 5, but when he's here it's still hard to work with both of them1 THey both usually sit in my room and color! That's my best solution! lol

Brenda said...

wow awesome minis!!!!

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