I feel like I've neglected my blog! Don't worry, I haven't! I've just been incredibly busy! Let me update on my life...

A few weeks ago I posted a blog about my husband being gone and my depression. That weekend, my husband came home and surprised me! I was waiting for him to call me on his lunch break and at that time, he showd up knocking on the door! It was the best surprise! He got to stay home and work around here for about 2 weeks, and just this past Sunday, he left again for his next job destination. The good thing is that he's only 4 hours away now, so hopefully he will come home on the weekends, or at least every other weekend.

Along the lines of my busy life, I have had computer troubles! Let me start by saying that I HATE Windows Vista!!! Apparently I let it install an update which had something to do with deleting spyware and stuff, well, that update caused me to not be able to run pretty much anything on my computer besides Internet Explorer, how convenient! So this week I went ahead and backed up everything and did a clean sweep on my computer. So I'm still working on putting everything back onto my computer.... it's a long process!

As for my internet life, I'm working on some cool stuff! First, I'm working on a new layout for this blog. I want to design something that describes me. I got some digital elements and I've been working on something, so stay tuned for that! Also, I'm working on a blog for couponing and deals! I have found so many useful resources and also have found such great deals and I love to share them! So if you're a fan of finding deals (especially this time of year!), make sure you stay tuned for Creative Couponing 101! Hopefully it will be up soon!

For now, check out these sweet pictures of my little Reagan. We took her for Halloween and Birthday photos and here are a few of them, I think they turned out great!


Kimberly @ Seriously Daisies said...

Sa-lacker!!!! Haha, just kidding! I seen you had a new coupon blog, there was just nothing there yet! I can't wait to see what you come up with for your new blog design here! :o)

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