1st Birthday Invitations

Ok, so I need some help. Reagan's 1st birthday is November 26, I am having her party on the 23. I booked the building for it (I don't want to have to worry about cleaning my house after, plus my house is too small). Now I'm ready for the invitations. I have decided to go with Disney Princess since she is just a little princess! :-) I was going ot make the invitations myself, but that takes too long, and it's too much money really to put in for a 1st birthday. I have a few options that I have found on ebay..... I need suggestions if anyone has found anything else!

Here are the choices I have found so far:

This one is just a file that I can buy on ebay and she will put a picture in it for me. I have to take these to a photo develepor (Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc) and have them printed, but I can do as many as I want. I thought these were cute. This is $10, plus the cost of prints.

This one is $5 for 10 invitations plus shipping ($5.50).

I also thought of getting the cards that they have at walmart that you can order. They have disney princess photo card invitations for .33 cents each, but I can't fit all of the words that I want on them.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!


Kimberly @ Seriously Daisies said...

I kinda like the second one, but like the fact that you can add her picture on the first one, hmmm, what a help I am, LOL!

Junie said...

Okay so I just discovered your blog !!! How did the party go?? What a beautiful little treasure you have !!!

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