Don't Forget to VOTE!!! :-)

Hey everyone! In case you haven't heard, I'm in a little contest and I NEED YOUR VOTES!

Do you remember this album that I posted here a few weeks ago?

Well, it is one of the entries for the American Crafts Facebook Vacation Challenge contest! Would you like to learn how to MAKE THIS YOURSELF? Well, here's the deal... if I win this contest, I will post a step by step tutorial sometime next week that shows you how to make your very own fabulous album just like this one!

Here's how you vote:
1. CLICK HERE and make sure that you "like" the American Crafts fan page (like button should be at the top)
2. CLICK HERE to see a list of entries
3. Click the photo of my album (on the far right) and click the "like" button under my photo

And that's it! PLEASE make sure that your vote counts! You must "like" the photo for it to count, simply commenting does not count as a vote!

This contest ends FRIDAY MORNING, so please share with your friends, your family, and anyone else that you know with a facebook page! :-) Thanks so much everyone! Your votes are appreciated!


Lizzie Laine said...

Beautiful job Emily!
I voted for you, good luck!

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