I Love "Going Green!"

After altering the Prima Flower jars the other night, I decided to try my hand at another recycling project! I had some soup cans sitting on my counter and I wanted to see what I could do with them.

First, I cleaned the cans and then painted them with my Making Memories Acrylic paints that I had laying out. I ended up putting 2 coats of paint on them, and then spraying them with glitter and sealing it with Mod Podge {a MUCH better solution than clear fingernail polish!}

Once the cans were completely dried, I cut out little flowers & leaves with my Cricut and adhered them to bamboo skewers {I used a hot glue gun to do this}

Then I cut down a piece of styrofoam and glued it into the bottoms of the cans.

I cut the ends of the skewers to the size that I wanted and put them in place in the styrofoam. Next I added some crinkled paper to give it that grassy feel {you can get this in the gift wrap section at Target or Walmart for about $1}

To finish them off, I added some glitter to the "grass" and tied little bows around the cans.

These make a very fun and cute project. I have done several in the past using little metal pails {you can find samples of those at http://www.papercreationsbyemily.com} The good thing about these little flowers is that they will live forever! They make great centerpieces and very pretty decorations! Try one for yourself, they are so simple to make!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I am giving these away on the MLDT blog! CLICK HERE to enter and win!!!


Tammy said...

Very cute and great idea!!

Angie Livesay said...

I love all your new projects! I just realized after reading your post that I forgot to tell you my husband had a softball game last night so I couldn't make it to the crop at Archivers. But, sometime soon I would love to get together!

Debbie Gaydos said...

Hi Emily - thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to hear things are well with you... cute project!

DeeDee said...

So fun. Love the colors. :)

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