Anyone Up For a Little Remodeling?

As most of you know, this past week has been pretty hectic for me. Though I've got a lot done in my scraproom, it was because I haven't really been able to be in the downstairs part of my house much! We decided to do a little {much needed} remodeling in our bathroom. I've been back and forth to Lowe's more this week than I've been to that store this whole year!!! Here are some before and after pics {thus far}...

This is my border that I tried to match the scheme of my bathroom to. It was hard picking out a floor to go good with this!

Here is the nasty bathroom BEFORE remodeling.

Yes, we had a slight mold problem.

The toilet was also broken and leaky.

Here it is so far after the remodeling!

New tub, new shower, new toilet, new floor, etc!

I LOVE it!!!

There are still a few things that are being worked on. We have trim to go on the mid section of the wall {below the border}, but it isn't up yet in these pics. Also the man doing the work for us is putting in a vent fan/ light today, so hopefully it will be finished soon! I still need to do some painting and retouch some that I already painted, but that's another day. It's a big change and I actually enjoy my bathroom now!


Anonymous said...

i love it! it looks really great!
kristi :o)

DeeDee said...

How fun! Mine needs some sprucing up with color. :)

Diane said...

Looks fabulous!!! So nice when all is new huh!!!

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