What better to do on a Sunday evening?

I've been sitting here pretty much all evening... just sitting here in front of my computer... cutting... cutting coupons! I'm pretty much addicted! A few months ago I saw an interview on my local news channel with a lady who would go to the store and buy a whole cart full of stuff for under $20. I decided that I needed to be more like this woman. With our econemy the way it is, why not? So I went to her website () and it opened up a whole new door to me! I began reading her blogs, clicking away on the links, and then I was hooked! I immediately signed up for The Grogery Game () and decided to try my hand at couponing. At first, I thought I was doing pretty good, only spending $50-$80 per trip which normally would cost me over $100. Now that I look back, that wasn't the best I could do. The trick to the grocery game is to get a stockpile going. If something is on sale, stock up. Combine sales with coupons for the best deals. I began buing 4 Sunday papers every week. Coupon clipping became a job to me. After a few months, I got my stockpile built up pretty good. Now I am only buing 2 papers every Sunday, unless there are some must have coupons, then I will buy 4-6 papers.

So where am I going with this? Well, after several months of the grocery game, last month I decided to live off of my stockpile and not grocery shop at all except for the must have items like milk, eggs, cheese, etc. So I've just started grocery shopping again and getting in the hang of couponing again. I decided that since I already have so much stuff in my stockpile, I don't need to buy much unless it's an absolute can't pass up deal, or if it's free. Today, I've been sitting here looking at deals, clipping coupons, and matching sales with coupons. Now, I'm ready to go shopping!

Here are some of the deals that I have found this week:
Sally Hansen Nail Polish - FREE
Scotch Brite Nail Saver Sponges - FREE
Nesquik Flavored Milk - FREE
Excedrine - FREE
Celestial Seasonings Tea - FREE
Cottonelle Toilet Paper - FREE
Brut Deodorant - FREE
Pantene Styling Product - FREE
Pantene Shampoo - $.65
Green Giant Frozen Vegetables - $.50
Yoplait Kids Yogurt Multi-pack - $.89
Snack Pack Pudding - $.50
Pampers Swipers Baby Wipes - $.99
Gilette Shampoo - $.25

And lots more deals!

It's so simple to find these deals! It just takes a little time. While getting a little r&r on a Sunday evening, sit down with the paper and look through the ads and coupons. I find it relaxing. It's actually addicting to me now! I have to see what all I can collect for free each week! If it's something I don't use, I usually give it to my mom, my sister, or my grandparents, one of them will usually use anything I can get for free! Since starting the grocery game in August, I have enough shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and face wash to last me probably 2 years! And I only bought it because it was a deal that I couldn't pass up!

I urge everyone to give it a try! The Grocery Game has a month long trial membership for $1! If you decide to give it a try, please put me as a reference (email: emfine99@aol.com) I would appreciate it!

Shop away! :-)


The6ofusinca said...

Kay, first I have stalked your work on Ebay for a while now, your wickedly talented! Then I have ya as a friend on MySpace, yea, I know, we go waaaaay back! But I came across your blog and this post, and I have to say your the FIRST person to ever explain the grocery game and so simple that I can understand it! I have been trying to figure it all out for years, how they got the deals and how it all works! Thank you THANK YOU!
*qustion, you mentioned the items that you found for "free"... are those items found in the paper ads? are they buy one get one free....

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