May Arts- Round 2 DT Submission

For my Round 2 submission, I wanted to do something very ribbon heavy. Normally, I would play with paper and ribbon, but sometimes, I like to try something different. Lat year, I made Flip Flops for my daughter, so I thought I would make her a little something again. She gets excited when I make things for her. There's something special about receiving handmade gifts. 

I decided to try my hand at some ribbon garland! My daughters room is very colorful, so I thought this would be a fun project. Little did I know how quick and easy this would be to create!

Start off by gathering lots of pretty ribbon. Scraps are also good to use for this project. 

For the base, I used May Arts Jute because it's very strong and would hold up well for this project.

Make a knot at the end of your jute string, be sure you leave a loop to hang it from.

Cut your ribbons by doubling them up, I used about 12 inch pieces (24 inches before doubling them over). 

Lay your ribbon as shown behind the jute. 

Pull the end of the ribbon through the loop.

Your ribbons should look like this.

Keep adding ribbons and alternating colors. When you are finished, tie the jute leaving a loop to hang the other end from. 

I also added ribbons to the sides. This is a great little home decor piece and it looks really cute hanging over my daughters bed! 

Products Used:
May Arts Ribbon- 
Pink- 444-58-22, 373-58-23, 443-58-22, RG-5-17, 437-22, BB22
Teal- 373-58-04, 377-38-15, 437-04
Purple- 377-38-47, BT47
Orange- DD28, EA28, FN28
Green- 437-46, 443-58-46, 392-58-46, EA46
White- 373-58-09, 377-38-01
Black- FS10, 392-58-10, 377-38-10, 390-58-10
Jute String- 363-09 


Sandra said...

This is a sweet idea for any bedroom but looks great in Raegan's room!

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