I'm Bringin' Acrylic Back!

I know that acrylic albums used to be the "IT" thing on ebay a few years ago, but like all fads, those seemed to have died down. I don't know why though, they are so elegant and beautiful! I recently found a piece of this acrylic like plexi that I had sitting behind a shelf and I asked my husband to cut it and sand it for me so I could try an album again. I think it turned out beautiful! I used Basic Grey's Wisteria line of paper which is absolutely beautiful in itself. I've been saving this paper for the perfect project, and I think I found it!

You can see this full album in my eBay listings now! :-)


DeesDivineDesigns said...

I love this acrylic album Emily! You go girl! Love the papers, colors, just beautiful. Hope all is well. Hope to chat soon.

Tess Martello said...

Emily this album is absolutely amazing!! Since you are so creative and a really cool friend. I wanted to give you the Stlyish Blogger Award. You can find it here (http://madebygypsy.blogspot.com/2011/02/stylish-blogger.html)

Kimmarie Baker said...

I think this album is gorgeous. One of my favorite things to scrap is acrylic albums. Not as good as yours though lol I shared this on FB the other day when you posted it there.

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