Back Home & Still in Vacation Mode!

Hello everyone! I just have to say, I had the best time on my cruise! I had so much fun that I have already booked for The Rock Boat X which will be next year (Jan 7-11, 2010) from Tampa to Cozumel. I'm pretty excited!!! The picture above is of the ship that I was just on, The Carnival Destiny.

Here are a few highlights of my trip!

On the way down we stopped at Disney world (yes, we drove from Ohio.... not doing that again!).

I rode a carousel, it kinda made me feel like a kid again!

This is a pic of Miami from the boat. Isn't it beautiful?

Amanda & Me during the lifeboat drill. Thank God we didn't go down! I couldn't stand another minute in that life vest!!!

This is a view of the Lido deck on the Carnival Desitiny.

The atrium on the ship.

We went to the Lido deck at sundown to watch Tonic preform.

Our first stop was at Nassau in The Bahamas. Some friends and I decided to do a shore excursion that took us to a little private island. It was so nice I didn't want to leave!!!

The Bahamas was nice... and warm!

Look who I ran into in The Bahamas! It's the middle Hanson brother, Taylor!

Amanda and I enjoying the Graham Colton show in the Palladium.

I found a new drink that I love! It's called an ultimate sunrise... I had "4 or 3 of them"... well that's what I thought... turns out I had 8! So THAT'S why my friends wouldn't let me sing karaoke! lol

We didn't get to land in Half Moon Cay because of the weather... so we walked around and found stuff to do. This is me in the atrium.

I even got to watch the innaguration while laying out!

This is us before we got off the boat. We were incredibly tired!

In the end, this trip was so much fun and I hated to leave! On the way home we ran out of gas on the loooong Florida Turnpike which made our drive home take even longer! Next year we are flying for sure!!!


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